Beyond the limits of aerodynamics

Hyper Wind turbines mount an innovative active flow control (AFC) system that combines suction and blowing on the surface of the blade

Hyper Wind technology uses a system that has zero net mass flow and needs minimal power usage. This system greatly enhances the performance of the airfoils

Modified from [Zha et al.High Performance Airfoil Using Co-Flow Jet Flow Control “, AIAA Journal, 2007] 

The Hyperwind Turbine extracts much more energy from the wind compared to traditional reaching up to 15% NET power.

The AFC makes possible to employ airfoils with greater thickness without compromising aerodynamics. ​ This allows us to increase the size of wind turbines even further.

[Xu  et al – Dynamic Stall Control on the Wind Turbine Airfoi via a Co-Flow Jet – 2016]

Blades with AFC are more resilient to dynamic stall and aerodynamic performances can be variated continuously in operations.

With right tuning AFC can help mitigate tower shadowing loads both in up-wind and down-wind configuration.

By combining blade pitch control and AFC it is possible to expand the operative envelope of the turbine

With the AFC the efficiency of a 2-blades can now compete with a traditional 3-blades turbine, leading to major cost savings in production, transportation and improving the sustainability of the entire industry.

Full-scale CFD simulations confirm it is possible to increase the efficiency of 2-bladed turbines

[Modified from Zha et al – High Efficiency 2-Bladed Utility Wind Turbine Enhanced by CoFlow Jet Active Flow Control – AIAA Journal 2023]

Additional Benefits of the Innovation

Fail Safe
Lower Noise
Wind Farm Optimization
Dynamic Load Reduction
Lower Thrust Force


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